Sunday, 23 March 2014

Our Action Plans

Students have been working in groups to come up with an action plan to protect our school orchard from various human impacts. We have had some great ideas from getting a bee hive in the orchard to talking to local farmers about pesticide use to running bike to school competitions. Go to the Room 11 Student Blogs to see our individual action plans - here are just a couple of examples.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What makes a successful Orchard - The Human Footprint on our Orchard

After looking world wide, we have started to look at the human impact on our school orchard and in order to do so, our starting point was - what makes a successful orchard? 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Our Persuasive Writing

We have been writing from the point of view of the sea, soil, animal or air. We were writing to the humans to tell tell how we have been hurt and how the humans can change to help us. We are ver impressed with the level of persuasion and voice the students had in their writing. Here are just a couple of examples.

Dear humans,

I am the sea. You have been hurting me by throwing filthy rotten rubbish constantly in me
that is not being used. My sea mammal are dyeing from the plastic  as they are  thinking it is jellyfish to eat. You are spilling brown sticky oil in me that is stoping the fish from swimming and not letting them breathe. Also if you catch one of the poisoned fish you will get sick or maybe even die which is most
likely to happen? People don't care about me impact people don't even go near me because I'm dirty stinky and I feel dead because I'm polluted I am really lonely,sad because I don't get to e\see anybody anymore not like it used to be I feel horrified because I don't see anyone. you can help me by putting water treatment systems in me and cleaning pollution up alone the beach. Also stop catching too much fish and grow new seaweed. Please do these things, so I can become a sparkling, renewed beach.

From the ocean

Dear humans, I am garbage city in Egypt.
You have hurt me by putting lots of rubbish and land fill in to me.
I am getting sick because of the chemicals and rubbish.
People put lots of horrible rubbish and dirt on to me every day of the week.
I feel sick and angry because more filthy rubbish is dumped on me every day.
Why don't you clean up me instead of putting rubbish on to me? 
Perhaps you could be more like the Zabaleen  people and put the rubbish into piles like glass, paper,
metal  and plastics. Recyling could solve this problem but if you don't clean me up no one will come and live on me and stay on me. The chemicals are a problem because people are getting sick. Why don't you clean me up?

From Garbage City

Dear Humans,
I am the Great Barrier Reef 
You  are spraying filthy pesticide into my lovely life.Nobody wants to swim in me because I am filled with nasty chemicals.The pesticide is killing all my wonderful coral.You are also filling me with useless rubbish.I feel sad because all I can see is horrible rubbish floating around me.All the rubbish is killing all my precious  animals.
Do you know what can happen in the future? We can run out of water and fish.Do you want that to happen?If I was you I would stop letting pesticide run into me because I will turn into a slimy sludge and not a amazing sea.

From the Great barrier reef

Sunday, 23 February 2014

The trial of the Onceler - the verdict is in - He was found Guilty

The Onceler and his lawyers looking guilty and nervous!

The Babaloots stating the facts
The Onceler, not letting the accusations affect him!
The Lorax tells it how it is!

The Workers at the Thneed factory - they were only happy to have jobs!
The Swanee-Swans sharing their story
The fish had a very sorry tale to tell about their babies

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Case Studies

We have each chosen a place to study with regard to the positive and negative human actions taking place and their effect on their environment. We have chosen to present our information using fotobabble.Here are some examples.

Popplet Brainstorms

We have been working hard to organise our thoughts about human footprint and the ways humans are hurting the world using poppet. Here are some examples of our work.